Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas Miracle

On Wednesday (Lindsey's Birthday–it might as well be a national holiday), we started our semi-annual tradition of driving up to Idaho. It was quite an event, especially compared to past years. We were out of the house at about 7:30 (on our second try after almost getting to the freeway and having my dad realize he forgot his mp3 player and books). We made it to St. George where we visited my grandma fife and ate at Café Rio. Concerning Café Rio: not as good as I had expected.
After spending about four hours at cousin's house, receiving an early birthday present from rex, and being quizzed on movie lines, we departed once again, destination mink creek Idaho. Didn't quit make it though...had to stop in cedar city. Now, if you've never driven the I-15, you're not quite sure what I'm talking about...but from St. George to Cedar City is about an hour. It took us much longer since we were caught in a snow storm. We barely made it to cedar and stopped between Stratford Court and Best Western. I stayed in the car while the parentals went into the Stratford Court to get us a room. I saw i sign in front of the SC gleaming "FREE HS INTERNET" This was my last chance! For you see, there is no high speed Internet in Mink Creek. I run into the lobby to check my e-mails and respond. So, Lindsey, Melissa, and I are using the computer and playing with the snow in front of the SC when Ii get a call from the parentals saying that they had gone to the BW and got a room there–in the basement...? so I start running from the SC to the BW we get to the BW and are just kinda chillin'(quite literally) in the lobby when I realize I have no phone. I make my sisters trace our steps through the knee-deep snow back along the block we just ran looking for my phone. After asking man-at-front-desk of SC we disappointingly walk back outside. At this point I'm starting to have a panic attack. Luckily, at that exact moment in time, Melissa reaches down and scoops my phone out of a few feet of snow! It was a little frozen, but still worked. A Christmas Miracle!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lance Bass

Today, i had to wake up earlier than i would have liked to have done...especially since it was saturday. i woke up at about 7:45, went to the lillywhite's house. had a donut and the most delicious hot chocolate ever! after that, i went to rehersal for the cabaret (woodbridge high school, january 11 and 12, tickets on sale now! 25$ a piece, come talk to me!) from 9-12. then i got gas, drove thru KFC/Taco bell and got on the 5. i got to disneyland, ready to start my eight hour shift. it was pretty much the longest day of my life. until of course the best thing happened! i saw lance bass! yes, lance bass of n'sync came into taste pilot's grill today. i got back from my break, was bored, went up to the front counter where i was informed that lance bass was in the building. i sneakily went around "sweeping" trying to find him. when i located his table and entourage, i "swept" around it for a while. i wlaked by a few times to make sure it was really him (it was). he was wearing a white hat...that's all i really remember. i went up to the front again and looked thorugh the receipts (kept it for proof if any of you skeptics need it). he was number 44, and he ordered a chili cheese burger and fries. he also ordered a chili cheese burger with onion rings...who was that for i wonder? at his table sat four guests. himself, a brunette next to him, a blonde across from him and a man diagonal to him (the blonde and brunette were girls...thought i'd clarify since his being gay may confuse a few). He also had a disney tour guide slash security guard with them. now is the part where i get to brag. i allison fife, was less than a foot away from lance bass today the 16th of december. lance bass was at disneyland, well california adventure at least...but still. its way cool.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


that's what a hamburger's all about! today, hannah, lacey, lindsey, emily and i went to in-n-out for lunch. we do this quite often now a days. its fun because we never know if we'll be back on time, and we get to see torrie at work! the last time hannah and i went, we decided to pay only in coins. i took out my coin cup and hannah grabbed her coins. we ended up paying for two whole meals in mostly pennies! how exciting is that?!?!? later that day, i had to get gas...but had no cash. i took my coin cup into the cashier, dumped it in front of him and said, "i need this much gas on pump number six." he laughed and kinda gave me a funny look, and then started counting. i was able to get $8.25 worth of gas! this means that i had about $14 dollars in coins in my car before i went on this spending rampage! you'll be ahppy to know that now i have 27 may take a while to get back to where i used to be.

tomorrow: National Chocolates Day and Square Dance Day

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happiest Place on Earth

If you don't already know, i work at Disneyland. You should come visit me! i am a hostess at Taste Pilot's Grill. That is in California Adventure, right next to Soaring Over California. its fun. a lot of funny things happen at work. i've always loved watching people at disneyland because, lets face it, there are some strange people at disneyland, but now, i get to talk to them! its quite exciting. if you're planning on visiting me at work, there are a few things you should know before hand. first of all, you better be a fan of john denver. i can't tell you how many times Leaving on a Jetplane plays over the sound system. i basically start singing whenever it comes on...which i'm sure is annoying...but i just can't help it! you must also be wary of beer guy. i gave him this name because he always comes in to buys beers. i kid you not, he has come in the last four times i've worked. and one night, he sat in the restaurant for hours and kept getting up and ordering more budweiser (i would think that if you were as heavy a drinker as he, you would want to be getting bud light, because, let's face it, he's not the skinniest man i've ever seen). i just don't understand beer guy at all. if you're paying for admission into a theme park so you can sit in a restaurant and buy beer for disney prices, why not just go to a store and get it for a lot cheaper and drink it sitting on your coach...which i'm sure is a little more comfortable than the chairs at TPG. moving on, please, if you are planning on visiting me, don't complain about the touch screen computers. they are not that hard to figure out. and make sure you order what you want's annoying when we make people's food and they're surprised at what they get. for example, one woman who shall remain nameless (mainly due to the fact that i don't know her name) ordered a cheeseburger. when i gave it to her, she told me i had gotten her order wrong. i replied, i'm sorry ma'am, what did you want? she said she wanted a cheeseburger (at this point i'm very confused) i informed her that she had a cheeseburger in front of her...after some more conversation i was able to identify the problem. what she wanted, was a cheeseburger, sans burger. ie, grilled cheese sandwhich. that's all i feel like writing today.

tomorrow: National French Toast Day

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Freedom Folfing

Yes, it's true. i have been folfing. and more than once too. for those of you who have absolutely no idea what i am talking about right now, it is simply because you are just not cool enough. but if you MUST know, you may visit the official disc golfing website--the rules are amazing. so funny...i mean...not funny, very worth while and necessary in order to play the game. i consider myself to be an unofficial member of the Freedom Folfers (coolest club at school) and decided to unofficially join in on saturday's tournament. i didn't pay so i wasn't actually in the tournament, but its ok because kailee, lacey and i had fun just throwing the disc thingy...chad and the others were a bit more intense about the whole situation--understandably so, since they were folfing for a prize ($5)! i really can't explain the just have to see for yourself. you'll be surprised to know that there is a course at deerfield park and just might see some folfers if you happened to drive by on a saturday afternoon. just a warning: if you are planning on attempting this sport, beware of mud :(

Saturday, November 25, 2006


since it's been so long, i decided to go through my claendar and see waht i've been up to this past month. i really didn't find much. when i came across scapino, i remembered i had something funny to write about this. the only problem is, i don't really remember what that was. scapino was irvine's high's fall play. it was fun to watch. me and lauren went together and sat on the front row (not a good idea). at the beginning, one of the characters came and sat next to me, he was all wet...but it was ok. chris did a really good job. i especially loved his synchronized swimming dance. hannah did a good job on the choreography, and the execution was flawless, chris. all around good show. at the end the cast sang a song to us. after curtain call, the cast informed us that we had to sing along and they were watching us--if we didn't sing, we would have to stand up and sing it as a solo while everyone pointed and laughed at us. this made me feel a little uncomfortable...especially since chris made sure we knew he was watching us. no worries though, nobody had to stand up. it was an idle threat. and that's all i have to say about that.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Catching up

i was informed today that i haven't blogged since homecoming and was appalled to find this statement true after checking my blog! sorry to my avid readers...though they are few. i don't have time right now to write about all the things that have been happening in my life these last few weeks (because a lot has happened) but i did feel that i owed it to you to post something. don't fret. i will be posting more regularly. and you can excpect a long post by the end of this wonderful thanksgiving weekend. must go to work now, come visit me!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming Home

So, this week was Woodbridge's homecoming week. And what a week it was! First of all, I didn't dress up at all. I really just wasn’t that into it. I did go to the game…and the dance though! The game was on Thursday, which meant the pep rally was too…this made it a little less exciting than if we had been celebrating an imminent weekend or something fun like that! I took a nap before the game which resulted in me showing up late. I picked up Hannah and we were off to cheer for the Warriors. We parked in the Library lot and just as soon as we started walking toward the filed, we heard a bunch of sirens…turned around to find that they were right behind us. We asked some lady passing by if she knew what was going on. This is what she said: “Some of the moms of the football players order pizza, and I guess it was bad taste” Let me know if you have any idea what she meant. We got to the game just in time! As we were approaching the gate, Class Councils were setting up their props for the half time show. We stood by the railing and saw all four numbers (it’s too bad the seniors didn’t win…we saw it coming though) and Devon get crowned Queen. Hannah and I kind of pretended like we were going to stay for the second half, but after another glance at the score board (it didn’t look good); we decided to go to In-N-Out! Yum! Yum! I ordered fries and a shake and was content and could be! I later realized that Thursday was Potato Day which ended up working out perfectly! Hannah and I asked the cashier for some water cups. And then he left. I swear we were waiting at the counter for 5 minutes before he finally came back! I was so confused. He gave us the water and said, “I had to go all the way to Kentucky for those cups. (Awkward pause) The things I do for my job.” Me and Hannah just looked at each other for a while…he seemed like he thought he had actually gone to Kentucky! So I replied, “Thanks?” and then went back to our table. Hannah swears that this guy looked just like Brick from Anchorman; I have no opinion since I have never seen the movie. Oh Hannah… Friday was a regular day at school and when I got home, I went straight to bed. This was a problem because Lindsey, Lacey and I had planned to meet at Lindsey’s house at 6:00—and since I woke up at 6:30, the plan didn’t really happen. I eventually got up and dragged myself over to Lindsey’s…got ready for the dance in the car on the way to CPK, and then drove down to Dana Point where I attended the happiest Homecoming on Earth! (Where I was one of 319 attendees) We even got Mickey Mouse ears! So worth it. It was a fun dance. Most of the people on the dance floor were seniors which is why we had such a blast. All those who didn’t go, really did miss out. And that is my account of Homecoming (why is it called homecoming?). And btw, happy Naitonal Buy-A-Doughnut Day!

tomorrow: HALLOWEEN! (as if you needed reminding)

Sunday, October 29, 2006


It’s me against the world, so I’ve come to find out. This past week, a few others (I better not name them in case a retaliation is in the works…Callister already knows I’m involved so I’m not compromising my identity or anything) and I have set out on quite the journey. We were on a mission—a mission against our seminary teacher. We decided we were going to prank James Callister every night for one week. It didn’t quite work out that way and has actually evolved into something much more involved. We started on Sunday night with the classic Dixie Cupping experience. If you’re being pranked by me, you must first experience the Dixie Cupping. Seminary the next morning was hard to get through without laughing hysterically. As each one of the involved walked into class, Bro Callister personally asked them how their weekend had been and commented on how tired they looked. Don’t worry—we all brought food to stuff in our faces for moments when we just couldn’t cover our smiles. Monday night: Oreos. This was by far our best. I bought six packages of Chocolate Sandwich Cookie (Albertson’s brand—they were cheaper) and we “unscrewed” them all. We placed them onto the garage door and made it polka dotted! (best ever)
Seminary the next morning was a little more bearable…mainly due to the fact that I slept through it. I’m pretty sure I was psychologically suppressing the fact the I was supposed to get up early because I didn’t think I could handle it. Tuesday night: POPCORN. I spent hours standing in front of our air popper and even had to take a trip to Albertson’s for more kernels. after that, I was on my way to meet up with the other trouble makers with three trash bags of popcorn and two rolls of butcher paper. The plan: cover the door in butcher paper leaving a space about three inches deep between the door and the paper. Tape down on all sides and fill with paper. The idea: the paper would create a vacuum of popcorn. This would cause a gust of popcorn to be blown into the house when the door was eventually opened. The result: popcorn ended up being too heavy, tape not strong enough, popcorn began to spill out sides and bottom…creating an un-vacuum and popcorn only covered half the door. I don’t really want to talk about it anymore. Next day: we were too tired to go out and think of another prank, and then we found out Bro. Callister had hurt his back (later found out it had nothing to do with pranks). We decided to take a break. I have been hearing rumors lately of retaliation and talk of alliances. Apparently the world really is against us which means I’m going to be needing to watch my back I little more carefully and I will also be needing bigger and better prank ideas…so if you’ve got ‘em, give ‘em!

Friday, October 27, 2006


I am catching up from a really long time ago. It looks like I haven’t actually blogged since Friday the 13th! It really ahs been a long time…so I guess I’ll catch you up on some of the fun and exciting things I’ve been doing lately, I hope it makes you laugh. First I’ll talk about Open Mic Night—not for long though, since it wasn’t that exciting,. Perhaps the most exciting thing about it is the fact that it is over. I was kind of stressed out getting ready for it. It was fun while it lasted, but now I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about it any more. The next couple nights after OMN, I had Lights on Broadway. That was fun. I hurt my knee on Saturday (which wasn’t fun) and it’s still bothering me. I don’t know what’s wrong…oh well. The funniest part of LOB was the awards we got afterward at the cast party! I got the “Shining Star” Award. The whole concept made me laugh…because everyone got an award so they were all meaningless, but it made me laugh at the time. The funniest award was Carson’s “Heartbreaker” award. It was mainly funny because all the little primary girls are in love with him. In fact, earlier that day, Chris Tilley and I were talking to Carson when our group was infiltrated by a bunch of ten year old girls. Chris and I had to leave because we were laughing so hard. One girl even asked Carson if she could take a picture of him! When Angela announced Carson’s award, Chris and I lost all control and started rolling on the floor because it was so funny. I wish I had a picture of the “I Love Carson Club” a.k.a. all the Irvine Stake Primary Girls.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's been a while...

so i just realized today that i haven't even logged onto blogger all week! i'm surprised at myself. i was even more surprised when i went on lindsey's blog and she had four new posts! i've had intentions all week long of writing a post but just haven't found the time. i still need to write about last weekends adventure! it started on saturday night, about nine o'clock. i started my night by going to the gym (go me!). after an extensive workout (as if i've EVER had an extensive workout) carson and i gathered our dixie cupping supplies. after lauren joined us we went to pick up chris tilley (whose first name, i've decided, cannot be said without the last) and commenced our journey. we had one problem, we had no idea who to attack! eventually we decided on monique moore, who had just moved into a brand new house with a huge porch. we took our 1200 cups and 15 gallons of water to her front door step. this was a really risky endeavor because everyone in her house was awake, and the lights were on. there were also many windows with no coverings. the job took us over an hour to do, and we had to refill the water coolers mid-cupping. the reason it took so long, was because we were delayed by the laugh attacks. thanks again lauren, or should i say karen, for telling us about your ESPN...and don't worry, we don't all hate you. when we had finally finished, carson and chris went to go get their phones to take pictures of our beautiul masterpiece (i'll show them to you if you ask). meanwhile i was laying next to the cups and lauren and i were talking about none other than this very blog. all of the sudden, lauren falls to the ground. someone had spotted us. we run as fast as we can and dive into carson's car. i can't believe we got caught! even though it was past one in the morning we had to continue the tradition of going to donut star after dixie cupping. what a night. hopefully there will be many more of these to beware!

Friday, October 6, 2006

I snuck onto Alli's blog.

Haha. This isn't Alli. This is Lindsey. :) I just got a really high score on the IQ test she had me take.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

My Friend Shadee

so i have this friend named shadee. she sits behind me in psychology and it is fun. if it weren't for her, i might actually pay attention in that class...which we all know would be terribly boring! i do however have to pay attention when she is surfing the net on her cell phone, which is how she is reading this blog right now, or getting people to sign her out of clas...cough cough eric. we are doing a an expirement in this third period class together and so today, we went and made copies of a test we are giving to see how smart people in advanced drama are--that'll be exciting! it was an eventful trip. shadde, eric, and i climbed into my car after fifth and drove to shadee's apartment complex where we could use the copy machine for free. it was kind of a disaster and took a long time. after calling the people working at the leasing office over twice, due to the running out of paper and a paper jam, we started making what turned out to be 230 copies (front and back). we waited a long time and passed the time by singing (loudly) in the laundry room which had really good acoustics. when the printer ran out of toner, we diecided to fix thr problem oursleves...which resulted in getting toner all over the place and the copier still wouldn't copy--we needed help again, and the toner-fairy came to the rescue! it was a pretty exciting day, you wish you were there. so to shadee, i have one more thing to say. i love you. i'm glad i exist.

tomorrow: national taco day

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Best Week Ever

i decided to name my post "Best Week Ever" after that one show. however, i then realized that i have never actually seen the show and so now i don't know how to format this post. oh well...i'll do as i please. i haven't blogged in a few days and it's because i don't have a lot to talk about. this week hasn't been particularly exciting, which gets me thinking...what do they do on the tv show if that week isn't exciting? can every week be the best week ever? the answer is no. they need to find a new title.
i've been having a lot of speakers in my classes lately. we had steve young come to my poli sci class on thursday. even though he respresents the mormon democrats...i found myself disagreeing with almost everything he said. the next day we had some libertarian guy come--that was pretty interesting, he had some good ideas. the most fun i had though, was in psychology. we had a hypnotist come! she didn't hypnotize anybody, but she is going to send me a hynosis cd! how exciting!!!
Friday night was probably the climax of my week. me and lacey went to John's house where we had our own little dance party (we should do that more often) and then we went and saw You, Me and Dupree. i must admit, i was inspired. i'm now searching for my inner "-ness" and can't stop thinking about the seven different kinds of smoke. at about 1 am, we went and got donuts and then participated in deliquent behavior (which i cannot expand on, for fear that me and said party will reveal ourselves causing further trouble and blame than is necessary at this point in time).
Saturday, after watching four hours of general conference and mowing the lawn, i went shopping with my sisters. we went to Ann Taylor and Gap. it was fun until we started on our way home. we turned right onto BEAR out of the parking lot. we went over the 405 and as we were approaching Paularino Ave. i kindly said "will you please turn left here?" and Lindsey said, "um, no." who does that? she proceeded to get on the 73 south...when she realized she was going the wrong way. she got off the 73 and onto the 55...south, again, the wrong way. she turned around and got onto newport coast drive-finally we were going the right way! she turned left onto bristol. after all that, we made it to the 405, and she misses the on ramp! realiaze that we would have been home by now if it weren't for lindsey being incapable of driving. we made an illegal u-turn and got onto the 405 south. i was rolling my eyes in the back seat the whole time. oh lindsey, silly goose.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chocolate Milk

There were these two penguins and they were BEST FRIENDS! they went to a borading school together on an iceberg. they had every class together...except for third period, when their classes were on opposites sides of the iceberg. they never wanted to be separated, so they decided if they ever were, they should have a secret code...a way of getting back together if you will. These two penguins decided if they were ever apart, they would yell "chocolate milk" in orderto find eachother again. one day, during third period the iceberg split in half! the two penguins started floating in opposite directions! The first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!" the end.

today started like any other day. i dragged myself out of bed after hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock sixty times. i pulled a sweatshirt over my head, grabbed my keys, and barely made it to seminary on time. came home after seminary, made myself some CIB, yum yum! that counts as chocolate milk...right? went to school-minimum day! and then proceeded to type up this blog. good day. i have an interview at Disneyland in about an hour! wish me luck! enjoy the rest of National Chocolate Milk Day!

tomorrow: Naitonal Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Pancake Day

HAPPY NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! and what an exciting day it was. i went to school today...which is saying something when looking at my record for the past few days. it wasn't that exciting. i like staying home better. to celebrate it being national pancake day, lacey came over tonight and we made skinny pancakes--a danish treat. i'm not really sure if its actually danish...but whatev. if you're confused, imagine a crepe folded into fourths drenched in the best choke cherry syrup ever! it was a good pancake day.

tomorrow: chocolate milk day

Monday, September 25, 2006

Grand Canyon

so i got home from my trip last night...or early morning. it was a good trip. short and good. it started friday morning. the original plan was to leave around six...not sure why, but it didn't happen anyway. we pulled out about nine and started our eight hour drive to Wlliams, AZ. i can't really tell you anything exciting that happened in the car because if anything happened worth writing about, i was sleeping through it. when we got to the hotel, we experienced some fine diniing at a place i like to call Max and Thelma's. i like to call it that because that's its name. after a hearty buffet dinner, Lindsey and I went back to our room to watch Law and Order: of our favorite shows.
saturday was a big day. we woke up and went straight back to Max and Thelma's. breakfast was a little better than the previous meal...but i still felt a little sick afterward. after eating and watching a shoot-out behind the hotel, the entire fam got on the train and headed to the grand canyon. we had a PSA (passenger service attendant) named Ashley, who by the way, was the most annoying person anyone has ever met. two long hours later, we were finally rid of her, we had reached the grand canyon depot. we toured the rim and then were off in search of our hotel--it wasn't that easy to find. while waiting in the lobby, me and Lindsey sat next to this amish least we think she was amish. she had a baby in her lap. Lindsey decided to talk to her, "she has the bluest eyes!" the lady paused, then retorted, "everybody always comments on HIS eyes." Lindsey shut up after that. we can't really blame her though...the baby was wearing a dress and bonnet. later that night, somebody got the bright idea to go see the sunset on the rim. keep in mind it gets below freezing at night. we bundled up (sort of) and were on our way. i had a sweatshirt and sunglasses and lindsey was wearing a scarf on her head (pictures to follow). my aunt looked at us and said, "Lindsey! you look like Jackie O!...and alli, the uni-bomber..." thanks Jamie...on our way back to the hotel, we started looking at the can see them a lot better than in Irvine. after looking for the big dipper for a few minutes without prevail, we turned to go back to our rooms when i swear, we almost ran right into the constellation! a few minutes later we heard a five year old point it out...we didn't feel stupid at all.
we started our journey home the next day. a few of the cousin became Jr. rangers (don't worry, i've already earned my badge) and then we boarded the train. but not before buying a really cute pair of earrings. on the train, we were entertained by Larry Dean--his music sounds just like his name, and if you can't picture that, i bought a cd. when Larry left, some robbers boarded our train. after taking a dollar from me...i has held at gun point...sorta (i have a picture). when we got back to Williams, we all went our separate ways. it was my turn first to drive, and i was lucky enough to get to listen to Larry Dean the whole way! it was a fun trip, but i'm pretty much glad to be home.
sorry this blog is so long! i guess i had a lot to say...