Thursday, May 29, 2008


yes, it is summer. this means that i'm living in danville, enjoying some time off from school, and having oh so many adventures. right now, most of my time is spent working though. while it is fun at times, and nothing can beat the money, sometimes it feels a little something like work...

i am a nanny. this sounded completely normal to me until i was picking up "my kid" from school and somebody asked him who i was. he replied, "my nanny." it sounded so weird! but i love it! i wake up every morning at 6:30 and leave by 6:45 to get to alex's house at 7:00 (which really means i get up at 6:45 to leave my house at 6:50 to barely make it to alex's house by a little after 7:00). i make alex breakfast and a sack lunch and drive him to sixth grade. while he's at school i fill my time with job #2. i come back at 2:30 and pick him up. our afternoons are filled with after school snacks, little league games, baseball practice, and video games. it's a wonderful life.

job #2 is at ann taylor in blackhawk plaza. you should all call me while i'm at gets really boring. hardly anybody ever comes in and i love it that way. i work with some really funny ladies. my favorite part of work is when crazy people come in and need you to help them find outfits. it's really not that hard to pick out an outfit for it? i really don't have any extra skills in doing that. just because i work at ann taylor doesn't give me good taste! (although i do consider myself an excellent personal shopper). like i said before, hardly anyone ever comes into the store....but when they do, they SPEND! people who shop at blackhawk plaza are rich. they don't really care if anything is on sale. when they find a shirt they like, they have to get the shorts and the jacket to match, and after they try on the shoerts, they need those in every color. oh! we sell jewelry too? yes, and shoes. i've sold more commplete outfits in my time there than separates.

happy summer!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i've fallen and i can't get up!

when people reach a certain age, their bodies start behaving differently. they can no longer read without their glasses, they start buying shoes for comfort and not cuteness (this will never happen to me), and their balance seems to leave them. this, unfortunately, has started to happen to my dear old dad. since the time we have moved to danville, my dad seems to fall a lot. the first time i remember, was when he was stepping in from the back porch and slid on the wood floor and fell flat on his back. i was in the next room and heard a loud crash. when i looked around the corner my dad was just laying there. he couldn't get up. he was fine, just a little startled i think.

although this was kind of funny looking back, it is not the funniest by a long shot. the other night, i was sitting on the couch and it happened. i look back after hearing my dad make a strange noise to see him letting himself slide to the floor slowly and quite gracefully. the chair he was sitting on had completely split in half, right down the middle. he sat sprawled on the ground while i laughed hysterically! he decided it was a good time to start his diet.