Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the art of steal

looking for a good documentary? watch the art of steal. all about the barnes collection.

barnes was such a progressive thinker. he put art from all over the world, from different times all on an equal plain. i love the way he set up his collection. in the twenties, he was saying that we're all the same--or rather, we all experience life the same. plus, he shared his collection with the working man and didn't want it corrupted by the high society. its a bummer his ideas were not carried through after he died.

"art isn't something that's separate from life. art is life."

i will have lots of art in my house. my house will be a work of art.


i'm crossing something off my bucket list! ben roeling is the bestest ever and got us tickets to see riverdance on april 3rd! i seriously can't wait. i've been watching youtube videos all morning. this has been a dream of mine ever since i new what riverdance was.

for those of you who don't know, riverdance is irish step dancing. not clogging, not tap, etc. and it is so cool!!! i've posted a video below that i just can't get enough of! so take it in. don't be confused, this has BOTH tap and irish step dancing. i hope you can tell the difference. enjoy :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

aren't they so cute?!

lindsey and mike

i love...

bubble baths
wool mittens
iced coffee
diamond earrings
dark chocolate
cozy blankets
clover honey
diet dr pepper
sparkling kitchens
baggy sweatshirts
skinny jeans
new shoes
sleeping kittens
love stories
real people
worn-out tap shoes
lovely music

Sunday, February 13, 2011

22 years later...

Friday was my birthday and it was so much fun! I slept in until 9, sewed a pair of mittens, taught a tap class, made some cupcakes, went to DI and bought sweaters, took a nap with todd, went to a fun new restaurant, and then had a party!

Sophie was so cute and decorated the apartment. she's a really good speller...

We ate here. I recommend it. Keri doesn't.

Lots of people came to the party. It was fun. A little bit of music, a lit christmas tree to create a good ambiance, champaign glasses with martinelli's, award winning chocolate chip cookies, and flaming cupcakes! here's what they should have looked like...

...but its didn't work all that well. which was a bummer because the practice run the night before was a total success. don't worry though, keri saved the day and filled them with hand sanitizer, which apparently burns great!

reasons why birthdays are great:
golden spoon gift cards!
cakebites! (gotta love the sweet tooth fairy)
tickets to riverdance! (dream of mine since i was a little girl)
cutest new juicer ever!
sweaters for mittens!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I got a kitten! Sunday morning, Keri and I were just eating popcorn and watching ice age and the next minute we are online calling people about cats. A couple hours later, we were in the car on our way to Smithfield to pick up Todd.

Todd is the cutest little calico kitten in the entire world. I talk to him and about him like he is my little baby boy. Because he is. He like to play with shoe laces, and bite my fingers, and play with the mouse Mommy Keri got him, and play with the string Auntie Caitlin put on the door. He is the cutest. he likes to cuddle and sleep on my bed while I sew mittens. He is so good at using his litter box. I am the proudest mother ever. I love Todd!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

When i'm walking, I like to look at people and imagine what their parents look like. I'm really good at guessing. comes from lots of practice. Some people are more difficult to do this with, but the challenge makes it more fun! i know...i'm weird.

Anyway...I saw a kid today with really ugly parents.

Todd is lucky his mommies are so cute :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am making mittens now. and I love it! It is so fun to have a hobby again. Thanks mom for my sewing machine!

Check out my mitten blog to see my designs :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some words about the bachelor

he laughed a lot this episode. i liked that. he's always so serious and scared...come on brad! loosen up a little!

michelle...knows how to get her man. brad just melts in her hands. i hope brad figures out how annoying she is soon and gets rid of her.

i waste far too much time watching this show...