Thursday, October 25, 2007

a sip is worth a thousand words.

peter fuller is basically a genius. he taught me, brittney and jenny how to drink a soda and analyze someone else doing the same. there are three ways.
1. fill cup, drink soda. this is the masculine way to down a drink. there is no straw involved. this is how real men drink.
2. fill cup, put straw in, drink soda. this is a feminine way to drink. any man who drinks this way is either gay or has the potential to be. with the straw just floating freely in the liquid, it allows the girl to stir, lift, and sip. it gives the person sipping more freedom to use their hands in the drinking process. this can be used as a flirting device, thus making it a feminine action.
3. fill cup, put lid on, put straw in, drink soda. this one can go either way. this is the method men use if they want use a straw while still appearing masculine. it's all about the stability of the straw. girls can also use this method if not counting on using their straw to flirt. so if you're not sure, use this method.
i hope we all think about how we are using our straws in the future. and watch out because i'll be analyzing your every sip.

Friday, October 19, 2007


i bought a cd yesterday! "Debussy for daydreaming" music to caress your innermost thoughts. how exciting does that sound? its actually a really good classical cd. i listened to it yesterday while taking a grammar test online and i'm pretty sure i scored higher than i would have if i was not listening to it. classical music makes you smarter...right? plus, i love daydreaming. and the fact that the music is supposed to caress my innermost thoughts makes me excited. is that weird?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

mid terms

this college thing is crazy. i feel like every week is midterm week! it's weird too...i'm actually studying for these tests!
one thing that's really different about college vs. high school is that i'm learning how to study. my new favorite place on campus is the library (it used to be the math lab). ok, so maybe these aren't my favorites...but they are the ones i frequent the most. what a geek, huh! oh well...what's a girl to do?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bored in poli sci

i'm sitting in poli sci right now and realized i haven't blogged in a really long time. i'm extremely bored and don't want to study for a test i have to take later today. since my poli sci class is pass/fail i can afford to blog during this class.

what has been happening lately you ask? let's see...

lindsey came up for conference weekend. that was really fun. we ate breakfast in salt lake one morning at a really cute restaurant and then went to Hatch Family Chocolates! it's run by little people which basically makes it awesome. we had a few photo shoots and just had fun.

i've been having midterms this last week and i'm glad those are coming to an end. (my last one is on monday!)

my tap teacher asked me to be her TA! that was really exciting. but i found out today that i don't get class credit or it's not that exciting anymore.

my teacher is talking about how red pens are being banned in schools because it is unfriendly. purple is the new color to use. my teacher has really funny hair...reminds me of the sixties in utah--imagine that!

i'm learning how to drive a stick shift on saturday! scary!

it hailed today in provo. but don't worry, i was safe inside.

can't think of anything else to write right now...but i feel much better about blogging. i think i'll start doing it again! so prepare yourself internet world! allison fife is back!