Monday, April 26, 2010

spring break

spring break is turning into a distant memory, so i guess its high time i blog about it. my mom and dad came out to visit me! it was so much fun. i picked them up at jfk and we drove right into the city for dinner. we ate at max brenner's at union square. omgosh, so delicious. i could eat a chocolate banana crepe everyday.

saturday, we woke up and hit the road! did a miniature tour of greenwich and then kept driving north. we stopped in providence, rhode island for lunch--such a cute little town. we drove through boston, ma and new hampshire and then finally reached kennebunkport, maine. that's where we stayed for the night. we drove around and saw the mansion the bush family used to vacation at and the cutest little light house ever. i couldn't go to bed without eating some of maine's finest, so we ate a mabel's lobster claw (learned to crack my own lobster and everything!)

left maine in the morning--after eating homemade blueberry pancakes (apparently something else maine is famous for) and taking a little walk to beach. we headed back to new hampshire and ate lunch at dartmouth (another cute little town) and then off to vermont! we visited the birth place of joseph smith in sharon, and bought some maple syrup. after sharon, vermont, we drove to new haven and ate pizza and then headed home.

we drove around connecticut a little more the next day and then went back into the city. we walked a million blocks (i'm not even exaggerating) and finally sat down inside bobby flay's mesa grill. oh so good. we ended the night with promises promises, which was so fun to watch! drove back to jfk in the morning. such a busy busy weekend, but i had so much fun! thanks mom and dad!

mom and dad at nubble light house

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


we all know i'm a little obsessed with lists (and checking things off). i have a file in on my computer devoted to these lists. in this folder, i have a to-do list (updated multiple times daily), a list of movies, a list of music, a list of books, a list of states, a list of things to blog about (this one is barely touched), plus a few more that aren't very interesting.

here are some updates:

states-29/50 (but by next week i should have 32/50!)
movies-41/100 (not too shabby...)
books- 10/100 (this one stresses me out. currently looking for a new list of top 100 books)

if you want to visit a state with me, or watch a movie with me, or read a book with me, please tell me! i could use all the help i can get!