Saturday, January 29, 2011

they did it again

anthro, just stop it right now. lindsey sent me an e-mail today...and now i visit this site every five minutes. i love the song, and the pictures are so beautiful. its hasn't even been "unveiled" yet...haha, oh well. alls i can is, you picked the perfect time to get married linds! i might have to turn into one of those girls that starts planning their wedding...

Friday, January 28, 2011

sick as a dog...

i don't understand the saying, but i'm sure it applies.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

give me money!

so i've been working on this scholarship essay due on friday. i was taking a nap today (which basically lasted all day being sick) and i had a dream that i got an email saying my QAR scores were too low to qualify for this scholarship. the email basically told me not to send my essay in. i did anyway (take that subconscious!)

first of all, talk about my subconscious not wanting me to succeed! i woke up and read every email in my inbox. how could that not have been real? didn't find i guess i'll assume they have no scoring system (not sure what scores these were) and that i still qualify.

second of all, who has dreams about checking their email? i do. that's who.

things i ate today:
german pancakes (i have no other food in the house so i must make things now...)
some ham and bean soup

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

birthday list

my birthday is coming up (feb. 11) and this year i will be 22! For all those who haven't had a math class in a while...11x2=22, so i'm pretty sure this a my golden golden birthday...shall we call it a diamond birthday? not feeling very clever at the moment.

anyway, i have no idea what to do or how to celebrate...any ideas?

i'm thinking of making these cupcakes because it looks like so much fun! we shall see!

i'm not expecting any gifts. for real. but if you were already planning on getting me something...get me something from REI...i'll need it this summer.

things i ate today:
belly buttons--damn you caitlin for leaving them out ;) they were so delish.
glass of water

Monday, January 24, 2011

back to the grind

fun weekend. it was great. a little bit of salt lake, a little bit of dancing, i have a new aussie boyfriend--jeff, burlesque at the dollar theater, funfetti shake from sammy's, plus a little more. i stayed busy.

i did the warm-up in tap today...epic fail. i hate being put on the spot like that. oh well. it wasn't that bad...just not super smooth, haha.

shout out to my new friend tim, whom i met lounging in the rb. he called me homely and thought i dressed like a farm-girl. (to his credit it didn't sound as harsh in-context, i didn just come from tap, and i am wearing a flannel shirt with cords)

things i ate today:
pack of almonds
dill pickle
half a tuna sandwich
giant chocolate chip cookie from blue line
cucumber in vinegar
diet pepsi

(not the best day i guess...)

Friday, January 21, 2011

fun friday!

i got to talk to nicki today! that was fun, it's been too long.

i only got one clue on my crossword today...lame.

did lots of homework, stuff i've been putting off week no less. don't worry, i still have a whole weekend's worth of stuff to do...great...

i stumbled upon this today. maybe i'll move to new york and be a street performer...

tonight i'm headed up to SLC with brooke to meet natalie and carson for dinner at the spaghetti factory. anyone up for dancing after...?

things i ate today:
new england clam chowder in a bread bowl (thanks blue line!)
greek yogurt with honey
apple sauce
a string cheese

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's january, and it's 2011

whoa, last year went by fast. maybe its because i was doing a million things. ok, maybe not a million. spending half the year in CT was truly amazing. getting back into school and moving back to provo was a feat. i got the closest i've ever been to figuring out what i want to do with my life, planning my future, etc.

anyway, its a new year and i have made some changes. they may not be obvious...yes, my room is still a mess and no, i haven't been to the gym once this year...but i still deserve a little credit!

classes this semester: hard and boring. its going to be rough.

however...i just found out i have a study abroad to look forward to! i'll be going with BYU to the south pacific (australia, new zealand, and fiji) in july! here are some of the places and things i will go and do:
canyoning in the blue mountains
scuba diving in the great barrier reef
kayaking to uninhabited islands
staying in an underdeveloped village in fiji
backpacking in new zealand
bungie jumping
and so much more!!!
it is going to be the trip of a life time.

things i need to do before NZ:
get really skinny and tan (to look good in bathing suit)
buy new bathing suit
get scuba certified

what i ate today:
oatmeal with 1/2 a packet of apple cider mix (i learned this from's pretty tasty)
entire can of homemade chicken noodle soup (thanks grandma!)