Thursday, December 27, 2007

mink creek

winter break has been amazing. i left byu on wednesday, boarded a shuttle and went on my way to slc airport. not to get on an airplane mind you, but to meet the grandparents who were picking up the uncle and fam. we piled into the car...there was barely any room (shouldn't have packed so much, oops). we went to temple square before heading up to mink creek. it was beautiful. just as we walked up, all the lights turned on. we had a little photo shoot and then were on our way.
the next few days is kind of a blur. i read a book, slept a lot, my phone broke, ate food, played in the snow, slept some more, ate more food...
eventually, the rest of the family cam up. we had christmas eve as usual. santa came and i told him what i wanted, we played chimes, bingo and of course, bloody smash. we piled up in the car to head back to danville. it was pretty crowded for the first couple hours when we had lindsey and all her luggage piled on our laps, but after that we were fine. it was a long drive (made even longer due to a detour which was a result of missing a certain freeway ramp) but we eventually made it home to play some guitar hero III.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Allison is

really excited that facebook finally decided stop putting 'is' after her name.

now we all have the freedom to write whatever we want for our status! except, now i'm finding it difficult to think of things to say without 'is'. but, that it ok too, because i can still type it in if i want to.
the only problem now, is that i'm finding my name to be a burden. i still have to talk about myself in the third person. i kind of just want to state what i think, where i am, or what i'm doing and not have to say 'allison'. another problem with removing the 'is' is that i'm afraid it's just going to turn into a place to put a quote or thought or something. this isn't myspace people! this is still your status! if i want to know what you think, or what someone else thinks, i'll read your information. but when i read your status, i want to see what your status is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hp support

i had to call hp support tonight...i've been having a lot of issues with my webcam and i was sick of not being able to video chat with ben ross! so i decided to do something about it. it was a pretty funny experience. and supposedly, my webcam is totally fixed! start a video chat with me and you can see for yourself.
the guy who helped me was awesome. he asked me what time it was where i was and i told him 11:40 p.m. i asked him what time it was where he was and he told me 12:40 p.m. (in india) we had to wait for something to download and became really good friends in the meantime. he asked me about school and what i was doing for christmas. i told him i was going to my grandparent's house and he started talking about how good grandparents are and he can never say much when he is with his because they have so much knowledge to impart on him. he used the words, "they being expedient in life than us" to describe his grandparents. i wrote the quote down because it was such a good one.
i can gladly say that hp support guy helped me out. another case closed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

temple square

on saturday, my freshman academy decided to take a trip to temple square! fun, right? the only problem was that it was totally snowing...and a lot too. me and helen had to trudge through the snow all the way to the bean museum where we were meeting. by the time we got there, i was a mess. i was sweating because of all the layers and my toes were about to fall off because of frost-bite. and we almost died by getting run over by a snowplow on the sidewalk too. we waited at the museum while the drivers decided if we actually wanted to go or not. finally we started to pile into the vans.
we were ready for salt lake! we get in the van and take off. it's a good thing i brought a newspaper so i could work on sudoku and crossword puzzles while we drove because it took us fifty minutes to get to the walmart on university pkwy. it was snowing so hard and there was so mush traffic. once we reached the walmart parking lot, we brushed the snow off the car and turned around. looks like we weren't going to make it to temple square after all :(
we got about 100 feet and the van we were following pulled over to help a truck (very similar to chad's old blue R.I.P) because it was stuck. some people got out to help push (i stayed inside, it was snowing!) the truck pulled away and the other van pulled away. once everyone got back in the van, we started for home, the only problem, we weren't moving. immediately, we all got out and were ready to push. this day had been long enough already. now may be a good time to mention that our van was full of girls. there were ten girls and only two boys. hurray. so we start pushing, and pushing, and pushing. the wheels are spinning mud all over my legs (not helping with staying warm).
i'm such a good pusher! of course we were taking pictures! it was for the sake of the blog! and then it starts to get cold...

anyway, we are running the van up the hill and it takes off! without most of us! we are running (and i mean running) after it. we run about a mile uphill until the van finally decides to stop and let us in. i was so tired. couldn't even function. took me about a day to recover. it's pretty funny now though! me and helen took a bunch of after pictures but they are all too embarrassing to post on the internet.

Saturday, December 1, 2007