Saturday, July 31, 2010

if i had a pet...

this is a conversation me and the girls i've been babysitting were having the other day. this is how it went:

A: "i don't think i would want a pet lion"

me: "me neither. i don't think that would be very much fun"

A: "i would want a baby elephant. or a baby giraffe. but they would always stay a baby. and eat everything that i ate."

me: nods

A: "or i would want a dog."

Friday, July 30, 2010

palo alto, ca

me and linds took tuesday off and went to...palo alto!

we drove through shady streets with beautiful houses. we want to move there! we saw the garage where HP was started and drove down professorville. we drove around stanford campus a little bit and then hit the stanford shopping center. it was surprising like fashion island...we definitely felt at home. i bought a lot of things. i think i was trying to make up for not buying anything all summer. don't worry, i took it all back today! don't make fun...especially since i do this ALL THE TIME. buy things, and then take them all back a few days later. whatever works!

we saw this sign and had to stop and take pictures! how often do you come across a street named FIFE?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i went shopping today and went crazy...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

guess who i saw?!

i was standing outside miglet's gluten free cupcake shop...weird, i know. we were not aware of the gluten free part until AFTER we got there...but of course, had to try them anyway. so there we are, me, lindsey and my dad, standing in the shade eating our cupcakes and someone walks by with a couple kids. lindsey goes: that looked like kristi yamaguchi. i brush this off, like, wahtever, i hadn't seen her walk by and what are the odds? a couple minutes later lindsey and my dad are still talking about it, so i decide to go check things out. we walk back to where we saw her go, and stop at the polynesian dance place. i finish my cupcake quickly so i can go inside and see her! it was awkward and very difficult to pretend like i belonged there. long story short, IT WAS HER! and she is the tiniest person ever. i quickly turned around and reported back to lindsey and my dad who were waiting outside.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

allison fife...hasn't blogged since april?!?!

fixing this problem now. here's what's new...

1. i moved back home. CT was great, loved my life back east...almost wish i could move back! i think i will once i finish school. (i'll have to blog all about this experience when i have a little more energy.)

2. i'm a nanny again?!? well, sort of. i started babysitting for a family down the street and now i'm there every morning! so i'm calling it a part time nanny job :) two super cute girls. we bake brownies, go swimming, sing and dance really loud while watching youtube, and play barbies.

3. i'm getting ready to go back to p-town. i'm gonna tear that place up with my new NY get ready cougars. i'm living at UAC and couldn't be more amped! but don't expect to see a lot of me, unless you want to come hang in the library...

4. i'm addicted to tv again. i go through phases. i was on this no tv kick for a long time, but i'm back. since i have nothing else to do up here in norcal, i pay very close attention to my dvr. mondays are for the bachelorette, tuesdays are devoted to chopped, and wednesdays and thursdays are set aside for so you think you can dance. i fill the time in between with watching masterpiece mystery (guilty pleasure my mother got me hooked on...don't poke fun), dr. oz, barefoot contessa, 48 hours mystery, and say yes to the dress. i am an expert on all of these, so don't mess.

5. nicki and mckay are engaged! this really has little to do with me, but i just wanted to add this to the list because i have been spending extra amounts of time shopping online and need something to blame it on. congrats you two! can't wait until september!

6. i had a phone fiasco. lost my phone the day after i got home. it was on silent and then annoying. after a couple days, i just bought a new one (was going to do this anyway since old phone was ridiculously broken). ended up finding it this week (three weeks later) under a mom always tells me i have to look under things...

7. my grandma came to visit! it was so much fun! we ate at the cliff house in SF, such a great view! grandma, my mom, and i went and picked peaches and apricots in brentwood. it was so much fun! and they were sooooo delicious. they were all i ate for days.

8. i visited helen in san jose! i hadn't seen her since i left p-town over a year ago! it was so much fun to chat with her again, i missed her so much!

9. i'm not buying any clothes this summer. its a rule i made myself. i bought enough clothes in NY to last me for years. so far, i've done great! it's really hard for me, there are several items i can think of right now that i have almost purchased. if you go shopping with me in the next few weeks, please remind me to leave my wallet at home!

10. i do a lot of yard work. my dad loves his new chain saw (all you have to do is look outside to see evidence of this). it's his new favorite hobby to chop trees up and leave them for me to haul away. so, i've spent many hours doing that, plus mowing the lawn, making wood piles, painting doors, and any and all other manual labor my parents can think up.

that's it. the intention of this post was to put off writing a conclusion, if you will, of my year in greenwich. so there's more to come-prepare.