Monday, June 11, 2007

things to think about.

have you ever really seen yourself? i mean, yeah, i guess i see myself all the time, but its usually in a mirror, or a picture, or an upside down version of me seen by simply looking down...but my face, that i have never really seen. again, I've seen pictures and a reflection of my face in mirrors...but its not the same.

I hope I'm never "between a rock and a hard place." it sounds like a really uncomfortable and possibly painful place to be. my econ teacher seems to say that phrase almost everyday. i didn't really notice it until a few weeks ago when she said it about seven times in three minutes. at that point i had stopped thinking about aggregate demand and Keynesian theory and started focusing on all the weird things she says. "skulking around" is another one--how that came up in econ, I'll never know.

cop a squat. i always thought it was pop a squat...not sure why, but it makes more sense to me. what exactly does "cop" mean? the closest definition on was to steal. but are you stealing the squat? is a squat something that can be taken away? please, if you can, shed some light on the matter for me.

really is an adverb. i was thinking about the game, in the manner of the adverb, and was trying to think of really hard adverbs--to make the game a little more exciting. i searched my brain for all words ending in -ly and came up with really. after looking it up in my spanish-english translater, it was confirmed. really is an adverb. this gave new depth to the word for me. its not necessarily just a degree of something anymore. it means to do something real-ly. this is amazing to me...sorry if you don't share the same enthusiasm.

love is worth forgiving for--this was my favorite line in Jekyll & Hyde. thought this would be a good place for it.

um...that's it i guess...what have you been thinking about?