Thursday, May 17, 2007

ap tests are over!

ap tests are a funny thing. this year i took the government test and the macroeconomics test. they were not so fun. the gov test took three and a half hours...and my chair had one short leg, which means i was wobbling back and forth for three and a half hours! annoying much? but that was last week. today, i took my econ test. it was only three hours (still long). that was a funny test. it took us like 45 minutes before the test to fill out our name, which was annoying. i was a little jealous of james bonner when he showed up 25 minutes late, because i realized that i could have shown up 25 minutes late and been better off. anyway, as i was taking the test, i was a little worried about how many question i was skipping. i worried until i looked to my left and saw Nish sleeping. i decided that if Nish was sending in a blank test, the few questions i skipped wouldn't affect my score too bad. (Nish later woke up and proceeded to fill in all the answers...without looking at the questions) i finished that section of the test and pulled out Siddartha to read. I found myself wishing that i could have pulled the Worldly Philosophers out of purse for a quick refresher on Keynesian Theory, but alas, i am not that much of, i do not carry the Worldly Philosophers around with me.
Section 2 began later. i broke the seal to the essay writing portion and started reading the prompts. i'm a little mad at the people who made up the test, because they used seven pages when they could have used two...paper wasters! anyway, i'm pretty sure i was not prepared for prompt 1, and as a result, was forced to skip it. prompt 2 was a little better, but i probably would have done better if i had a photographic memory and had memorized my text book. prompt 3 i could answer! it was a good question, that we had talked about in class extensively (at the time i thought a little too extensively since it wasn't even a difficult subject). i was finished with my test a little early and started looking around the classroom. here are some things i noticed: there was a really annoying cricket, edward hopper is one of my favorite artists, you do not need five pencils to take a scan tron will suffice, you shouldn't wear a Davy Crockett hat while taking a scan tron test...people will think you're strange.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jekyll & Hyde

so, the musical is over, which means i have a life again! it means i don't have to be at rehearsal every day at three o'clcok (which cuts right into my nap time)! but, somehow ms. b has found reasons for me to be at school every day at three does that work? for those of you that weren't able to catch the show, i played a poor woman, a rich woman, a prostitute, and a homeless woman. that's really all i have to say about that.
the cast! (i'm between garrett and holland...dressed as a prostitute)

ms. tang 2

so, eric asked ms. tang to prom via secret spongebob decoder pen. it was basically the best idea ever! plus, i was involved...which always makes things better!

she said no...