Friday, November 30, 2007

scrabulous and pacman

my two facebook games.
i was never good at scrabble, but now that it's on a computer, i'm suddenly quite competent. so invite me to play a game with you! it'll be fun!
i also play pacman. i'm not very good though. especially compared to jenny and chelsea...but i'm working at it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jacuzzi at Super 8 Motel

My new favorite thing to do in Provo is to go hot tubbing! Me and Brittney discovered that the Super 8 Motel across Canyon has a pool and Jacuzzi! It’s not the best, but it works for me! We walked over in the freezing cold (almost literally) and waited outside the building for someone to let us in; and we spent all night sitting in the Jacuzzi. Dalton joined us later. It is basically the best thing ever. I’m going to start finding other hotels/motels with better Jacuzzi facilities. This one was just a bit small for my liking, but I guess I can’t really be picky. But if ever you’re bored in P-town, just give me a call and we’ll find a Jacuzzi!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

long boarding

Last night I went long boarding with Brittney, TC, and Andrew. I’m not very good, but I’m getting better! We were at Helaman Halls and these random guys starting talking to us. They were really funny. My favorite one was Big G. Yes, that is how he introduced himself. His friends were Aaron, and some other kid who gave us a different name every time we asked. They were really funny. They called Andrew the Alpha Male of the group, which he really liked. We talked to them for probably twenty minutes until we were sick of doing nothing in the freezing cold. I am sad that I’ll probably never see Big G, Aaron, and Sean/Scott/… again. Ok, not that sad, but they entertained me.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving was awesome! I flew to Danville, CA for my break and it was really fun. I hit up In-n-out, union square, the golden gate bridge, bloody smash, a four mile hike, shopping, some turkey, guitar hero, and the target with the really cool escalator the takes your cart downstairs for you. It was so nice to have a break from school. And I forgot how funny my family can be. I brought a half filled suit case home and brought back way more (I would tell you exactly how much but that might be embarrassing).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

national carbonated beverage with caffeine day

in honor of a national holiday we had about a week ago, i thought i would dedicate this blog to my new favorite hot dog stand. J-DAWGS. this place is amazing. why does this have anything to do with today? let me tell you. this is the closest place to BYU campus you can go to get caffeine. and i am a frequent consumer. J-Dawgs is located just south of campus. it is a tiny white and red shack and they have the best hot dogs i've ever tasted.
what do i get when i go there? i get a polish dog, with special sauce and a pickle. don't forget the wonderfully delicious diet pepsi! best lunch/dinner ever!
if you come visit me in provo, there is no doubt, i will help you discover the beautiful creation that is a j-dawg.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the waffle

My favorite thing to make myself at the cannon center is a waffle. Jenny came up with the idea, but Brittney and I have carried on the tradition. This isn’t just any waffle though. A lot of time and preparation goes into making this wonderful waffle. I only eat this waffle if I really feel like giving myself a treat. It can only be eaten as a dessert. First, you make a waffle. Do not use whole wheat batter. It does not taste good. Next, sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Let sit until chips melt. Spread peanut butter (chunky is best) over chocolate chips. Pour on maple syrup. Place vanilla ice cream over entire creation. Many variations can be done to make the waffle your own, but after trying out various toppings, I have decided that the plain waffle is best for me.

Monday, November 19, 2007

clean out your refrigerator

today is national clean out your refrigerator what are you still reading this for?

and...i go home on wednesday! so excited!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

saturday is a special day...

this morning i woke up so early...for a saturday. me and some other girls on my floor went and collected cans for the food drive we're having at BYU. we went door to door and asked for cans. i kinda felt like a missionary...especially when we shafted by a little girl. she answered the door and we asked for her parents and so she went back inside the house and we could hear her mom doing dishes and she came back and said nobody was home. it was great. my favorite was this cute old man though. he even gave me and brittney candy! all together, me and brittney collected 146 cans. yay!
after this adventure, we visited chris at work, and now i'm blogging. trying to put off writing a paper for as long as possible. it is on fifth paper on euthanasia this semester. sounds like great fun, huh? well, i hope you all have fun on your day off. i'll be in the library, trying to write eight more pages on a subject i really don't know anything about.

tomorrow: sunday

dan in real life

i loved this movie. i saw it last night with carson, allie, and hannah. it was amazing. everything from the soundtrack to the actors to the story...this was my kind of movie. i laughed, i cried. everyone should go see it. and i'm definitely going to be quoting this movie, so get ready!

i was a little worried at the beginning when the man who plays michael scott on the office was supposed to be playing the role of a single father of three girls. but he totally pulled it off. i was also a little worried when i saw dane cook walk into the scene. i was preparing for comedy hour, but was pleasantly surprised when he took the role seriously. i loved that norbert leo butz was in this movie. i saw him in dirty rotten scoundrels at the OCPAC. he even sung a little (very little) in the movie...but at least he sang! it was a pretty good story, except i did feel like it was a rip off of the family stone...basically the same story...but still a good movie.

go and see it.

tomorrow: homemade bread day

Thursday, November 15, 2007

a democrat is coming!

yesterday in my poli sci class, a democrat came and spoke. i thought it was really funny because on monday, my teacher announced that none of us would want to miss class because a democrat was coming (this is a rare occurrence at BYU). he didn't tell us who, or why...the fact that he was a democrat was apparently far more intriguing than anything that this man has accomplished in his life.
it took me until about half way through the class to figure out who this guy even was. everyone kept referring to him as "the democrat". he ended up being quite interesting. i laughed out loud a few times. he started getting in fights with some of the students in my class. he was all up in this one kid's face...and wasn't giving democrats a very good name.
but he did have some very good things to say. he asked everybody who cared about our environment to raise their hands. there were probably twenty hands in the air...out of 200. it was really sad. when he asked why, the kid next to me mumbled "because there are enough nuts doing it already..." i wanted to punch him in the face, but refrained.

tomorrow: button day, national moms and dads day

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Star Wars Day

today was star wars day at the cannon center. it was pretty cool. they had an ice sculpture of yoda. does your school have an ice sculpture of yoda? didn't think so...

tomorrow: national clean out your refrigerator day

Monday, November 12, 2007

...nunchuck skills...

we have this called ward wrap up every sunday night here at byu. at ward wrap up we have a spotlight, a talent and a spiritual thought. last night's talent was basically amazing. this kid (a black belt in karate) gets up to show us his skills. he did a few tricks with some aggressive sound effects--that was my favorite part. then, he pulled out the nunchucks. and that's my story.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


the craziest thing happened to me on friday. i was walking to my student development class and all of the sudden, i realized the guy in front of me was mike phelps, my seminary teacher from junior year! i asked him what the heck he was doing at BYU and he told me he was teaching this class. and i was like, "I'm in this class!" it was pretty crazy.
my student development class is a business lecture series. we have a different speaker each week telling us about the different aspects of business we could go into after graduating from the business school. mike phelps was here to talk about being a financial advisor.
he started the class by giving us a little background about himself, telling everyone where he was from. after he said california, some kid called out (obviously from california too), and then everyone from california started calling out what city they are from. i knew what this was leading too and held my breath. mike phelps said, "we have some true irvinites with us today" (nick jordan was also there) and then he told the class that he was my semianry teacher and what a great person i am--which i'm sure everyone already knows ;) it was the craziest thing ever!

today: veteran's day

Saturday, November 10, 2007

does this mean helen's a nerd?

i was in the math building with helen the other day. we were talking and then we decided we should probably go work on our math homework. i walked to the trashcan and then continued on to the math lab. helen, did not realize this however and went straight to the math lab. then, she started to talk to me. the only problem, was that i was twenty feet behind her. i'm sure the girl walking next to her thought she was a total crazy! i love you helen! and next time, i'll let you know when i walk to the trash can...

Friday, November 9, 2007

does this mean i'm a nerd?

i saw this hanging in the math lab the other day and i laughed...a lot...probably too much...

tomorrow: national vanilla cupcake day

Thursday, November 8, 2007

the office

so the office is over. it's been a good run, hasn't it? is started my office experience with the british season one. oh how funny it was...i had to get the american version too! the only way i got through some weeks was hoping that next thursday, jim and pam would finally end up together. my favorite office watching experiences were always after filling my stomach with wings and french fries from wingstop. i guess since i can't have wingstop anymore, the office must leave my life too.
i don't mean to trivialize the situation, but part of me is glad that it's over. let's face it, this season just hasn't been as good as the previous ones. i've been a fan from the beginning and continue to watch...but i have been a little disappointed. i don't know...maybe i'm wrong. maybe it's just different because i don't watch it with the same people anymore? or maybe it's because there's no more guessing with jim and pam? or maybe it's not as good because everyone and their mother is a crazy fan? we'll see what life is like post-office...

tomorrow: national bittersweet chocolate with almonds day

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

haunted forest and halloween

this week has been crazy...i haven't really had a chance to do a lot of blogging, but here i am to update you on allison fife's life. i went to a haunted forest the other was so scary! it was utah's best attempt at knott's scary farm. they did an ok job. that is to say, they scared me! i didn't really do anything for halloween...went to a couple dance parties the weekend before though. a bunch of girls on my floor dressed as "women in black." this was basically a costume cop-out. it was a play off of men in black...but cooler. we got to wear normal clothes and sunglasses so we didn't look scary and we were comfortable. when people asked what i was dressed as, i kept giving them different answers. these included thief in the night, paul mitchell student, shadow, black licorice, spy...or basically anything else that is black. on halloween i just watched a movie and hung out. couldn't do anything too crazy because i had a midterm the next morning at 8:00. could somebody talk to my teacher about how that isn't allowed?