Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chocolate Milk

There were these two penguins and they were BEST FRIENDS! they went to a borading school together on an iceberg. they had every class together...except for third period, when their classes were on opposites sides of the iceberg. they never wanted to be separated, so they decided if they ever were, they should have a secret code...a way of getting back together if you will. These two penguins decided if they were ever apart, they would yell "chocolate milk" in orderto find eachother again. one day, during third period the iceberg split in half! the two penguins started floating in opposite directions! The first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the first penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!", then the second penguin yelled, "CHOCOLATE MILK!" the end.

today started like any other day. i dragged myself out of bed after hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock sixty times. i pulled a sweatshirt over my head, grabbed my keys, and barely made it to seminary on time. came home after seminary, made myself some CIB, yum yum! that counts as chocolate milk...right? went to school-minimum day! and then proceeded to type up this blog. good day. i have an interview at Disneyland in about an hour! wish me luck! enjoy the rest of National Chocolate Milk Day!

tomorrow: Naitonal Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Pancake Day

HAPPY NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY! and what an exciting day it was. i went to school today...which is saying something when looking at my record for the past few days. it wasn't that exciting. i like staying home better. to celebrate it being national pancake day, lacey came over tonight and we made skinny pancakes--a danish treat. i'm not really sure if its actually danish...but whatev. if you're confused, imagine a crepe folded into fourths drenched in the best choke cherry syrup ever! it was a good pancake day.

tomorrow: chocolate milk day

Monday, September 25, 2006

Grand Canyon

so i got home from my trip last night...or early morning. it was a good trip. short and good. it started friday morning. the original plan was to leave around six...not sure why, but it didn't happen anyway. we pulled out about nine and started our eight hour drive to Wlliams, AZ. i can't really tell you anything exciting that happened in the car because if anything happened worth writing about, i was sleeping through it. when we got to the hotel, we experienced some fine diniing at a place i like to call Max and Thelma's. i like to call it that because that's its name. after a hearty buffet dinner, Lindsey and I went back to our room to watch Law and Order: of our favorite shows.
saturday was a big day. we woke up and went straight back to Max and Thelma's. breakfast was a little better than the previous meal...but i still felt a little sick afterward. after eating and watching a shoot-out behind the hotel, the entire fam got on the train and headed to the grand canyon. we had a PSA (passenger service attendant) named Ashley, who by the way, was the most annoying person anyone has ever met. two long hours later, we were finally rid of her, we had reached the grand canyon depot. we toured the rim and then were off in search of our hotel--it wasn't that easy to find. while waiting in the lobby, me and Lindsey sat next to this amish least we think she was amish. she had a baby in her lap. Lindsey decided to talk to her, "she has the bluest eyes!" the lady paused, then retorted, "everybody always comments on HIS eyes." Lindsey shut up after that. we can't really blame her though...the baby was wearing a dress and bonnet. later that night, somebody got the bright idea to go see the sunset on the rim. keep in mind it gets below freezing at night. we bundled up (sort of) and were on our way. i had a sweatshirt and sunglasses and lindsey was wearing a scarf on her head (pictures to follow). my aunt looked at us and said, "Lindsey! you look like Jackie O!...and alli, the uni-bomber..." thanks Jamie...on our way back to the hotel, we started looking at the can see them a lot better than in Irvine. after looking for the big dipper for a few minutes without prevail, we turned to go back to our rooms when i swear, we almost ran right into the constellation! a few minutes later we heard a five year old point it out...we didn't feel stupid at all.
we started our journey home the next day. a few of the cousin became Jr. rangers (don't worry, i've already earned my badge) and then we boarded the train. but not before buying a really cute pair of earrings. on the train, we were entertained by Larry Dean--his music sounds just like his name, and if you can't picture that, i bought a cd. when Larry left, some robbers boarded our train. after taking a dollar from me...i has held at gun point...sorta (i have a picture). when we got back to Williams, we all went our separate ways. it was my turn first to drive, and i was lucky enough to get to listen to Larry Dean the whole way! it was a fun trip, but i'm pretty much glad to be home.
sorry this blog is so long! i guess i had a lot to say...