Monday, February 26, 2007

cup noodles

so, as i was looking through all the cupboards in the kitchen for about the fourth time for something to eat today, melissa suggested i have a cup of noodles. this suggestion lead to a conversation about how my mom likes cup of noodles better than top ramen. she actually said "top ramens" which i pointed out was incorrect. she justified this by saying she was using the plural form like as in "cups of noodles." after that melissa pointed out that it isn't cup of noodles it's cup noodles. i almost didn't believe her. i had to go get one just to make sure. and what do you know? she was right! they are cup noodles, haha...kind of like bowl noodles, or is not a cup of noddles, it's a cup of cup noodles!
don't believe me?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

back to the future

so i discovered something new! future blogging! apparently i have the option of picking a posting date for all the blogs i write! this is totally an amazing gift! i feel like i have so much power! just look at the date that this was hasn't even happened yet! it makes me think of the office episode where jim sends faxes to dwight from future dwight! some poisoned the coffee...

i miust admit, i have used this technique in the past to make it seem like i didn't write four blogs in one day...kind of like tonight...

i'm sorry if you are reading this in the future...

today: national tortilla chip day

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

cherry pie

in honor of national cherry pie day today, i mastered cherry pie (as made famous by warrant) in guitar hero (on level hard mind you). i rock.

Monday, February 19, 2007

talking trashcans...

so, i went to disneyland today. i was kidnapped (sorta) by hannah, chris and was fun though! we all got birthday pins (mine's in spanish!) which is always fun. as we were walking toward the pier, we passed this talking trash can! it was crazy! so me and chris stopped. the trash can proceeded to come up to us and starting asking questions. it was like, are you two on a date? which chris responded to by saying yes...lie. and then the trash can said, is it your first date? chris responded by saying yes again...lie. the trash can made a really embarrassing wooooooo! sound...haha, it was truly amazing. if you are reading this, and wish that you were there, just contact carson twitchell--i believe he captured some of it on his phone. talking trash cans...

tomorrow: national cherry pie (makes me think of the song cherry pie. i think i'll go play guitar hero now...)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

comments on comments

i think that i should not have to blog if people don't leave comments. it makes me feel like i am just blogging to myself, which would be fine if i didn't keep hearing complaints about not blogging on a regular bases! so leave comments!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Current Obsessions

here is a list of my latest obsessions:

guitar hero.

my planner.

this isn't so much an's on the list so i can trick myself into thinking i'm obsessed with going to the gym. then i might actually do it.

hannah lillywhite of course.

hand sanitizer.

and tetris.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


i spent my semester break in utah! it was quite exciting! it was only me, carson, and hannah! and we met up with lauren and chris once we were up there. we left after finals on thrusday and went up to st. george, where we stayed at hannah's grandparents' house. i went to dinner with my grandma at eatza pizza! it was way fun! on my way to pick her up, i almost got pulled over by a cop! it was kinda scary becasue, one, i wsa in utah, in a town i'm not very familiar wiht, and two, i was in carson's car...alone. right after i had made a right hand turn, a heard a siren and saw the flashing lights. my heart stopped for a second, and i pulled over. the cop passed me and ended up pulling the car in front of me over. dodged that ticket!
the next day, we continued on our journey to provo! dropped our stuff off at beth nelson's house hannah's cousin) and went to the byu campus to talk to admissions (nothing exciting). then me and hannah took carson's car hostage and met lauren at the mall! where we sat on a bench until we went to pick carson ready for the evening, spentalmost an hour trying to find paul huggans, got dropped off with hannah and lauren at some beauty school and piled into paul's two-seater pick-up. it was kinda funny watching paul drive a stick shift in between hannah's legs. later that night after a few unforgettable games of tetris, hannah, paul and i went to a dance party at Glenwood Apartments. we walked in, stayed for a few minutes, manuevered our way out again (it was so crowded) and stood outside talking about how someone should yell BOMB! so everyone would run out, when to our surprise, we hear BOOM! AHHHH! and then saw a bunch of people running out...of course, we run back in, and see that that floor had totally caved in! the carpet was still intact, but the foundation had fallen through the basement!
next day, hannah and i drop carosn off at his audition and take a tour of paul mitchell...hannah needs to go there! it was way cool! don't really remember what we did for the rest of the day...but that night, carson, chris, the simmons, and i went to see alyssa in oklahoma. it was good. after, we had to stand outside waiting for alyssa--it was so cold! i'm not sure what i'm going to do if i move up there! after that, i went to meet up with hannah, paul and jordan. we drove around for a while...doing nothing, and that was the end.
woke up really early next moring, stopped for krispy kremes of course, and started on our way home. we kept seeing this truck that said SHWING! and it made me laugh...i got pictures. we also saw these two really macho men driving a car with FERGIE on their license plate. pretty fun trip if you ask me!

Monday, February 5, 2007

wing stop

i hesitate to blog about this, because oncethis place gets too big, it won't be the same. i was recently converted to this new way of eating and i love it! what i get there: mild wings with ranch and diet coke. yum! yum! the last time i went there, i tried an atomic wing. mind you, these wings are so hot, when one is three feet away, you feel your nose hairs begins to twitch. i almost cried, but held in the tears. after eating it, i didn want to throw up for about three hours afterward, but decided that making it pass through my throat again would be considered torturous in some countries. who else ate these you ask? well, lacey and deannie joined me in the one atomic eating extravaganze, brought on by chad eating 11 in ten minutes (training for upcoming competetion). michael roberts also ate one, and cried! and cedric (the beast) balderama ate five in thirty seconds flat! it was funny because all of the sudden he reaached over, grabbed the plate, and scarfed 'em before anyone even realized what he was doing. hence, his new nickname, the beast. luckily, lacey caught all of the action on camera!