Sunday, March 25, 2012

city creek

is a beautiful shopping experience. and this is coming from a genuine shopaholic, mind you. spent a little time there on friday evening and was pleasantly surprised at the innovative and extensive alternative to the sad excuse for malls around here.

i'm happy to report that i only spent a total of $5.95 while i was there. a necessary purchase...needed some flip flops to replace the snow boots on my feet. was feeling a little silly on a such gorgeous night. loving this weather much?

Friday, March 2, 2012

the benefits of being on top of things

i'm not always on top of things like i should be, mostly because i like to avoid situations that give me anxiety, i'm lazy, and i'm just not that responsible.

lately, i've been trying really hard to keep up with all aspects of my life. this is more difficult than it might seem.

some benefits i've noticed?
my phone is always charged. i may have a dumb little flip phone (circa 2007) but at least it works! and instead of always dying on me, now it works just great :)

no voice mails. i hate voice mails. and one part of staying on top of things is answering my phone! which has greatly undermined the ability for voice mails to annoy me to death.

clean clothes! i actually do my laundry when i have enough for a load...instead of waiting for six loads and being forced to wear whatever embarrassing and colorful top i found in the back of my closet.

money in the bank. this doesn't always happen, so this is a wonderful thing.

i'm sure there are countless other benefits as well. since i'm just learning how to be a grown up, i've got a ways to go. but i think this is a good start, don't you?