Monday, May 9, 2011

spring is in the air

which means a lot of new things are happening!

mittens are on hiatus (mostly because i broke my sewing machine...womp).

i bought a few new swimsuits for tanning, night swimming, day swimming, trips to california, scuba certification, and of course....FIJI!

tried to go to the pool on was a flop :/

but that didn't stop me and kerilyn from getting sunburned! we just laid out on the grass and then went to a rugby game wearing tanks and short shorts. the best.

and on our way home...we picked up another free kitten! we named her lucy. she was adorable, and very whiny. we introduced to todd and five minutes later, we were on university ave with a free kitten sign. and then we were by cafe rio, and then we finally found lucy a new home after sitting in front of walmart for fifteen minutes. i know...we're crazy.

AND i went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point this week! carson came down and we made it a date. we used the free tickets my grandma gave me two years ago...good thing they didn't expire! keri and brandon met us there and it was so beautiful and so much fun!

tulips are Carson's second favorite flower.

cute baby geese. i love anything that is a baby.

best picture ever? alli. keri. carson.

the handsome couple. keri and brando.

carson squeezes every tulip he sees. this is not a joke. walking through the tulip festival with him takes two hours. and that's why i love him.