Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas Miracle

On Wednesday (Lindsey's Birthday–it might as well be a national holiday), we started our semi-annual tradition of driving up to Idaho. It was quite an event, especially compared to past years. We were out of the house at about 7:30 (on our second try after almost getting to the freeway and having my dad realize he forgot his mp3 player and books). We made it to St. George where we visited my grandma fife and ate at Café Rio. Concerning Café Rio: not as good as I had expected.
After spending about four hours at cousin's house, receiving an early birthday present from rex, and being quizzed on movie lines, we departed once again, destination mink creek Idaho. Didn't quit make it though...had to stop in cedar city. Now, if you've never driven the I-15, you're not quite sure what I'm talking about...but from St. George to Cedar City is about an hour. It took us much longer since we were caught in a snow storm. We barely made it to cedar and stopped between Stratford Court and Best Western. I stayed in the car while the parentals went into the Stratford Court to get us a room. I saw i sign in front of the SC gleaming "FREE HS INTERNET" This was my last chance! For you see, there is no high speed Internet in Mink Creek. I run into the lobby to check my e-mails and respond. So, Lindsey, Melissa, and I are using the computer and playing with the snow in front of the SC when Ii get a call from the parentals saying that they had gone to the BW and got a room there–in the basement...? so I start running from the SC to the BW we get to the BW and are just kinda chillin'(quite literally) in the lobby when I realize I have no phone. I make my sisters trace our steps through the knee-deep snow back along the block we just ran looking for my phone. After asking man-at-front-desk of SC we disappointingly walk back outside. At this point I'm starting to have a panic attack. Luckily, at that exact moment in time, Melissa reaches down and scoops my phone out of a few feet of snow! It was a little frozen, but still worked. A Christmas Miracle!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lance Bass

Today, i had to wake up earlier than i would have liked to have done...especially since it was saturday. i woke up at about 7:45, went to the lillywhite's house. had a donut and the most delicious hot chocolate ever! after that, i went to rehersal for the cabaret (woodbridge high school, january 11 and 12, tickets on sale now! 25$ a piece, come talk to me!) from 9-12. then i got gas, drove thru KFC/Taco bell and got on the 5. i got to disneyland, ready to start my eight hour shift. it was pretty much the longest day of my life. until of course the best thing happened! i saw lance bass! yes, lance bass of n'sync came into taste pilot's grill today. i got back from my break, was bored, went up to the front counter where i was informed that lance bass was in the building. i sneakily went around "sweeping" trying to find him. when i located his table and entourage, i "swept" around it for a while. i wlaked by a few times to make sure it was really him (it was). he was wearing a white hat...that's all i really remember. i went up to the front again and looked thorugh the receipts (kept it for proof if any of you skeptics need it). he was number 44, and he ordered a chili cheese burger and fries. he also ordered a chili cheese burger with onion rings...who was that for i wonder? at his table sat four guests. himself, a brunette next to him, a blonde across from him and a man diagonal to him (the blonde and brunette were girls...thought i'd clarify since his being gay may confuse a few). He also had a disney tour guide slash security guard with them. now is the part where i get to brag. i allison fife, was less than a foot away from lance bass today the 16th of december. lance bass was at disneyland, well california adventure at least...but still. its way cool.