Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here's What I've Been Up To

it has been a long time since i blogged! i guess its because i've been so busy...here's what i've been up to:

graduation! it's true, i graduated. i could have done without the long boring ceremony but it was worth it for ruth's chris afterward! i've been waiting to go there since i was in middle school and finally got to for graduation. best. food. ever.

here we are!

Mt. Whitney! The weekend after graduation, my dad and i climbed mt. whitney. this was no easy task, but it was so amazing! mt. whitney is the tallest mountain in the continuous united states at 14497 feet. this was probably the hardest thing i've ever done in my life...i was sore for a week afterward! we woke up early on friday and drove the lone pine, ate lunch at carl's jr, and drove the the start of the trail. after putting on my pack, i realized 17 pounds was going to be a tough burden to carry (i won't even tell you what my dad's weighed...). we hiked 3.5 miles to camp and i thought i was going to die! woke up early the next morning, purified our water and went up to the top, pole pole. eating lunch at the summit was so beautiful, i was on top of the world! after hiking back down to camp, we decided to go all the way that night. we got the bottom just in time for the light to disappear from the sky and were on our way to eat some pizza! i don't know if i'll ever attempt this climb again, but it was definitely worth it the first time! that mountain kicked my butt.

the journey begins

this is what we slept in...


we made it!

skydiving! the next week, i went skydiving! it was amazing! i was so scared in that airplane getting ready to jump out. i'd definitely have to say the worst part was when i was have way out of the airplane, not allowed to hold onto anything and the only reason i hadn't fallen already was because i was attached to a complete stranger...! after the jump though, it was the coolest free fall ever! and then when i, well he, pulled the chute, it was so peaceful. we stopped at wingstop after of course.

the gang.

this is me, skydiving.