Wednesday, November 29, 2006


that's what a hamburger's all about! today, hannah, lacey, lindsey, emily and i went to in-n-out for lunch. we do this quite often now a days. its fun because we never know if we'll be back on time, and we get to see torrie at work! the last time hannah and i went, we decided to pay only in coins. i took out my coin cup and hannah grabbed her coins. we ended up paying for two whole meals in mostly pennies! how exciting is that?!?!? later that day, i had to get gas...but had no cash. i took my coin cup into the cashier, dumped it in front of him and said, "i need this much gas on pump number six." he laughed and kinda gave me a funny look, and then started counting. i was able to get $8.25 worth of gas! this means that i had about $14 dollars in coins in my car before i went on this spending rampage! you'll be ahppy to know that now i have 27 may take a while to get back to where i used to be.

tomorrow: National Chocolates Day and Square Dance Day

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happiest Place on Earth

If you don't already know, i work at Disneyland. You should come visit me! i am a hostess at Taste Pilot's Grill. That is in California Adventure, right next to Soaring Over California. its fun. a lot of funny things happen at work. i've always loved watching people at disneyland because, lets face it, there are some strange people at disneyland, but now, i get to talk to them! its quite exciting. if you're planning on visiting me at work, there are a few things you should know before hand. first of all, you better be a fan of john denver. i can't tell you how many times Leaving on a Jetplane plays over the sound system. i basically start singing whenever it comes on...which i'm sure is annoying...but i just can't help it! you must also be wary of beer guy. i gave him this name because he always comes in to buys beers. i kid you not, he has come in the last four times i've worked. and one night, he sat in the restaurant for hours and kept getting up and ordering more budweiser (i would think that if you were as heavy a drinker as he, you would want to be getting bud light, because, let's face it, he's not the skinniest man i've ever seen). i just don't understand beer guy at all. if you're paying for admission into a theme park so you can sit in a restaurant and buy beer for disney prices, why not just go to a store and get it for a lot cheaper and drink it sitting on your coach...which i'm sure is a little more comfortable than the chairs at TPG. moving on, please, if you are planning on visiting me, don't complain about the touch screen computers. they are not that hard to figure out. and make sure you order what you want's annoying when we make people's food and they're surprised at what they get. for example, one woman who shall remain nameless (mainly due to the fact that i don't know her name) ordered a cheeseburger. when i gave it to her, she told me i had gotten her order wrong. i replied, i'm sorry ma'am, what did you want? she said she wanted a cheeseburger (at this point i'm very confused) i informed her that she had a cheeseburger in front of her...after some more conversation i was able to identify the problem. what she wanted, was a cheeseburger, sans burger. ie, grilled cheese sandwhich. that's all i feel like writing today.

tomorrow: National French Toast Day

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Freedom Folfing

Yes, it's true. i have been folfing. and more than once too. for those of you who have absolutely no idea what i am talking about right now, it is simply because you are just not cool enough. but if you MUST know, you may visit the official disc golfing website--the rules are amazing. so funny...i mean...not funny, very worth while and necessary in order to play the game. i consider myself to be an unofficial member of the Freedom Folfers (coolest club at school) and decided to unofficially join in on saturday's tournament. i didn't pay so i wasn't actually in the tournament, but its ok because kailee, lacey and i had fun just throwing the disc thingy...chad and the others were a bit more intense about the whole situation--understandably so, since they were folfing for a prize ($5)! i really can't explain the just have to see for yourself. you'll be surprised to know that there is a course at deerfield park and just might see some folfers if you happened to drive by on a saturday afternoon. just a warning: if you are planning on attempting this sport, beware of mud :(

Saturday, November 25, 2006


since it's been so long, i decided to go through my claendar and see waht i've been up to this past month. i really didn't find much. when i came across scapino, i remembered i had something funny to write about this. the only problem is, i don't really remember what that was. scapino was irvine's high's fall play. it was fun to watch. me and lauren went together and sat on the front row (not a good idea). at the beginning, one of the characters came and sat next to me, he was all wet...but it was ok. chris did a really good job. i especially loved his synchronized swimming dance. hannah did a good job on the choreography, and the execution was flawless, chris. all around good show. at the end the cast sang a song to us. after curtain call, the cast informed us that we had to sing along and they were watching us--if we didn't sing, we would have to stand up and sing it as a solo while everyone pointed and laughed at us. this made me feel a little uncomfortable...especially since chris made sure we knew he was watching us. no worries though, nobody had to stand up. it was an idle threat. and that's all i have to say about that.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Catching up

i was informed today that i haven't blogged since homecoming and was appalled to find this statement true after checking my blog! sorry to my avid readers...though they are few. i don't have time right now to write about all the things that have been happening in my life these last few weeks (because a lot has happened) but i did feel that i owed it to you to post something. don't fret. i will be posting more regularly. and you can excpect a long post by the end of this wonderful thanksgiving weekend. must go to work now, come visit me!