Thursday, February 14, 2013

house of prime rib

on sunday, jon took me to house of prime rib in SF to celebrate my birthday. it was so delicious...i ate WAY too much food. a lot of things happened in 23; i moved to CA, started dating Jonathan (again), worked for the world series champs, and got really close to graduating. 24 will be a big year too. i plan to graduate, move out of my parents house, and get a real job (not necessarily in that order).

before dinner

after dinner :)

happy valentine's day!


Lindsey is going to have a baby any minute now. I cannot wait. Baby Avery already has everything she needs thanks to a couple baby showers we've had! Most of my pictures didn't turn out and I was so sad. Time for a new camera? Or smartphone perhaps...

baby shower one. jaicy made the cutest favors :)

baby shower two. sam and sarah did such a great job making everything so cute!

now we just need a baby. can't wait to be an auntie :) :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

orange october

what a ride...those Giants did it again! never in a million years did i think i would be working for a major league baseball team, not to mention when they win the world series!! enjoy some photos from the past couple weeks :)

NLCS game 6...jon and alli

NLCS game 7...allison and raymond. it's raining. hard.

jon and alli, World Series Game 1!

alli and robin in the World Series parade! it was an epic win in detroit. i watched the game from the las vegas airport :)

raymond and robin @ civic center waiting for the ceremony to begin

san francisco loves their Giants!

2012 World Series Trophy

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Giants!

been experiencing lots of baseball this season! let me show you:

after the Giants clinch the National League Division Championship!

after the pre-game internship ceremony, walking off the field

carli, the best intern buddy i've ever had!

this is where i work. it's beautiful.

on the way to the first division series game!

jonathan and the bay bridge

National League Division Series Game #1

yay baseball!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

scooter girl--

--that's me!

it's been a month and a half since i've been home and life has been good to me :)

i love my job at at&t park! it's great. come take a tour!

i ride bart every morning and then pull out my scooter. yes, i'm that girl riding her xooter scooter along the embarcadero to the ballpark every morning. its just wonderful! and very handy. instant transportation anywhere i go.

now all i need is a bunny and my life will be complete.