Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Giants!

been experiencing lots of baseball this season! let me show you:

after the Giants clinch the National League Division Championship!

after the pre-game internship ceremony, walking off the field

carli, the best intern buddy i've ever had!

this is where i work. it's beautiful.

on the way to the first division series game!

jonathan and the bay bridge

National League Division Series Game #1

yay baseball!

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Nicki Dunn said...

Alli dear. I miss you. & I've been meaning to call you/text you/email you but I have been so stupidly and annoyingly busy with nursing school and mckay dragging me all over the country for football games to actually do those things. For that I am so sorry. Hope you are well! Your job looks like fun, & you look great and so darling, as always. OXXOXOOo dear.