Sunday, August 15, 2010

the lovely bones

i liked this book. i read it in a couple days, without doing much else, so i could really get into it. it was a good story. it reminded me a little bit of law and order: svu or 48 hours mystery but with a ghost whisperer touch. right up my alley.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the nanny diaries

i recently read this book, since i have so much free time on my hands lately. i'm sure i'm the last person on earth to read this, but i never really felt the need, since i lived it. turns out, the book is NOT fiction. although i did not have all of these experiences in my one year of being a nanny, i've heard my share of horror stories. this book was a collection of every problem a nanny could encounter. i enjoyed it, but, i also had a LOT of anxiety while reading it. i felt for Nanny, i felt Grayer, i felt for the mother, and so on. i started having nightmares all over again (something that happened frequently during my stint in CT). waking up mid-night wondering if i had done everything on my list, confirmed that appointment, planned meals for the next day, etc.

the most ironic part of the novel was right in the middle of the climax when Nanny is ranting to a stuffed bear-my phone rang, and when i answered, discovered it was my replacement. the new nanny. just as all my memories had come flooding back, i was telling someone new about the job she was about the undertake. it only took a few minutes to relax, and then i was able to tell her all the wonderful things about living with my pseudo-family in greenwich, ct!

Friday, August 13, 2010

it's friday!

and it's august thirteenth.

i wanted to celebrate this so lindsey and i dragged my mom to the WINCHESTER MYSTERY MANSION! (pronouncing it in an ghost voice is more fun. trust me, linds and i did it all day)

it was very spooky and very interesting. i learned all about sarah winchester who stood at 4'10'' and held nightly seance and had a fascination with the number 13. she lived in a beautiful victorian house that she remodeled until the day she died. we had a tour guide that made our tour seem forever long. lindsey couldn't help busting up laughing mid-tour when he informed us he had only been doing this for three weeks. like we couldn't tell? it was great, you should go.

if you're still not convinced, the house is directly across from santana row and a wonderful mall. bliss.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

regarding hair

there are two people in this entire world that i trust to touch my hair. viet (cdm) and tony (nyc). my only problem now, is that i don't live in either of these places.