Thursday, January 28, 2010

my life since last december

so here's the long awaited update. i've been dreading writing this since i feel like there is so much to say. but no worries, i'll keep it short and sweet.

this summer i decided to be a nanny! in august, i moved to connecticut and love it so much. i've been here for five months now. i live in greenwich, so posh. mallory is 14 and jared just turned 13. life is crazy and busy but i wouldn't have it any other way.

my favorite things to do here:
new york city
go out to eat
read books
get music from the library
bake a lot
take naps
watch movies (netflix=my savior)

so pretty much, nothing has changed, ha!

i can't wait to start writing more about my past, present, and future adventures! my life as a nanny is so cliche and pretty much redonkulous (this is a word i never say out loud, but i'm constantly thinking). posts in the future will be funnier, i promise. or how about just don't hate me even if they're not :)