Wednesday, January 17, 2007


so i finally have time to that the cabaret is over. i'm surprised at how well we did, especially considering all the last minute things we added. (we made made changes up until about 5 minutes before show-time...granted, they were minor, but changes they were.) right now, i'm sitting in the school computer lab listening to some quite addicting scaw/reggae music, compliments of Louis (Loo-ey)--what a character. We had auditions last night for Jeckyll and Hyde. They went well. the cast should be quite fun--it's mostly people who did the cabaret with a few exciting surprises, like cedric! we have call backs today...whcih means that i have to act...scary! i'm not really an fact i don't think i've ever acted in my life, i'm worried i won't be very good at it. oh well! we'll see...what do i have to lose, right? i'm going to go now...mainly for fear of boring whoever was kind enough to read this latest message...have a good day!