Wednesday, March 19, 2008

foot poetry

i'm in a tap group here in utah! it's really fun! everyone should come to our show! it's pretty legit. we even have a website!
check it out, my picture is on it and everything!

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patty's day!

did you wear green today? i did! and i also got a polish dog at j-dawg's today. my bun was green! i felt really special.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

dixie cups?

so last weekend i had one of the best night's ever! me and brittney discovered pita pit! (why has it taken so long?!?!?!) and then we headed over to hannah's ama-za-zing st. patty's day party. the night couldn't have been better, because after that, we went to the jacuzzi! oh it's been too long...
later, carson picked me and brittney up and then we decided to dixie cup hannah's house! it was hilarious! we didn't have coolers, so we took the recycling bins from my lobby and filled them up in the showers and longboarded them over to carson's car. amazing. we kinda got caught by claire, hannah's cousin because she opened the door to cool off after her shower...perfect timing...
we weren't aware of this and thought she had heard us or something. so, we ran away and killed some time at wendy's. when we came back, she opened the door again! we decided to go talk to her since she kept catching us! apparently, carssn had left his jacket when we ran the first time and claire was just putting a ransom note on the door...perfect timing yet again, huh?
so...i guess we were a little rusty with the dixie cupping, but we can only get better, right? so watch out provo! the dixie cups are back in full swing! and we don't plan on getting caught next time!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

fresh looks

(named after brand of contacts)

part of spring cleaning undertaking: change look of blog

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


(i think this counts as a type of spring cleaning)

NECC is an exclusive group - the No Easter Candy Club! The rules are simple:
1. Don't eat ANY Easter candy before or after Easter,
2. You can eat Easter candy on Easter Sunday, but only for a 5 minute period.

you can join the group on facebook!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

spring cleaning

i have the urge to clean! i'm not sure if it's because i'm ready to move out of my dorm and getting rid of things and cleaning is a sign of moving out. or, it could also be that i feel like if i start my spring cleaning now, the weather will get more spring-y. but, most likely, its probably just because i am procrastinating doing thing that are more important. regardless the reason, i still have the urge! i just finished all my laundry (there was a lot...there always is...) and now i feel like giving half of it away! the only problem, is that i don't have a million dollars so i can't replace it all. so, i guess i won't get rid of it. but i also feel like getting rid. like really random stuff! if you knew me in high school, you might remember some of this...
i can't stand having this many pens. and they aren't even all the same! so, now i'm just using one pen at a time until it runs out! this is a form of spring cleaning. it makes me feel like i'm getting rid of stuff but only after it's been put to good use and not wasted. (in reality, it is getting a little wasted because i'm just writing/drawing all the time just to use up all the ink, but don't point this out to me, i'll just get annoyed.)
also, i hate having a million notebooks. i prefer to have one notebook and one calendar at a time. this is a problem because somehow i have accumulated three new notebooks and an extra calendar just this year! so naturally, i must use up these extra notebooks! i find myself writing all sorts of random things down. such as conversations i happen to be having at the time, or multiple to-do lists all outlining the same day. this practice also helps in the pen issue above.
another spring cleaning practice of mine is cleaning out my contacts in my phone. i hate having people i never talk to in there! it wasn't so much a problem before when i had about 200 contacts. i could get a hold of virtually anyone i wanted! but since my phone broke, i only have a select few numbers....and if i'm only going to have a few, i better talk to you on a regular basis! hopefully i'll be able to handle this mess of a contact list until i have enough numbers to not care who is in and who is out.
i'm carrying the previous compulsion over to facebook. this week, i am going to attempt to clean out my friends on facebook. i get really annoyed when i get an application from a "friend" only to realize when i open it, i've never talked to this person in my life! just because we went to the same high school and you were trying to get as many friends as possible on your facebook list when you first joined, doesn't mean we're friends!
i realize that this is getting really long which kind of bothers me and makes me want to "spring clean" it, but i'm going to stop soon so i can resist. if i think of any other ways to spring clean, i'll let you know.