Sunday, March 16, 2008

dixie cups?

so last weekend i had one of the best night's ever! me and brittney discovered pita pit! (why has it taken so long?!?!?!) and then we headed over to hannah's ama-za-zing st. patty's day party. the night couldn't have been better, because after that, we went to the jacuzzi! oh it's been too long...
later, carson picked me and brittney up and then we decided to dixie cup hannah's house! it was hilarious! we didn't have coolers, so we took the recycling bins from my lobby and filled them up in the showers and longboarded them over to carson's car. amazing. we kinda got caught by claire, hannah's cousin because she opened the door to cool off after her shower...perfect timing...
we weren't aware of this and thought she had heard us or something. so, we ran away and killed some time at wendy's. when we came back, she opened the door again! we decided to go talk to her since she kept catching us! apparently, carssn had left his jacket when we ran the first time and claire was just putting a ransom note on the door...perfect timing yet again, huh?
so...i guess we were a little rusty with the dixie cupping, but we can only get better, right? so watch out provo! the dixie cups are back in full swing! and we don't plan on getting caught next time!

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