Tuesday, July 5, 2011

g'day mate!

that's right, i'm leaving for australia on thursday! and i'm not ready at all. i still have a huge paper to write and turn in and i haven't begun to pack. what have i been doing all this time? i really have no clue.

CA has been fun. i went to irvine for lindsey and mike's engagement party. so much fun! hung out with great old friends. it was just what i needed. my last few weeks in utah were a little out of control and i-town grounded me a little bit.

i've just been running errands in danville, trying to acquire all the items on my packing list as well as getting things ready for the wedding event in august. got a new computer! (mine broke...womp) got some awesome looking keens sandals (i'm sorry if you are embarrassed to be my friend now...but they are really comfortable) and a bunch of other random things.

i probably won't update my blog again until after i get home. and it may even take longer since i'll be so busy until i get back to provo. so you'll just have to wait for pictures.

australia, new zealand, and fiji or bust!