Saturday, July 24, 2010

guess who i saw?!

i was standing outside miglet's gluten free cupcake shop...weird, i know. we were not aware of the gluten free part until AFTER we got there...but of course, had to try them anyway. so there we are, me, lindsey and my dad, standing in the shade eating our cupcakes and someone walks by with a couple kids. lindsey goes: that looked like kristi yamaguchi. i brush this off, like, wahtever, i hadn't seen her walk by and what are the odds? a couple minutes later lindsey and my dad are still talking about it, so i decide to go check things out. we walk back to where we saw her go, and stop at the polynesian dance place. i finish my cupcake quickly so i can go inside and see her! it was awkward and very difficult to pretend like i belonged there. long story short, IT WAS HER! and she is the tiniest person ever. i quickly turned around and reported back to lindsey and my dad who were waiting outside.

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