Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my new apt.

didn't think i'd be moving to provo again :)

roommates are so cute :)
third floor... exercise?
across the street from campus (great for that 8 am class)
big room, and getting bigger (master bedroom here i come!)
but sadly, no parking. like at all. oh well!

enjoy the pics :)

at first glance

cutest dresser ever?

my sewing table :)

tallest bookshelf in the world

and since i haven't blogged about this before...i got this in alice aprings, australia. real aborigine art!

1 comment:

Nicki Dunn said...

hello huge room. theres a perk. i (of course) zoomed in on the dresser picture to see the photo of you and your sisters. my heart. i love it.