Sunday, July 13, 2008

summer of service

i worked at a different camp last week, and i had so much fun! it's called summer of service, and we did exactly that! we spent the whole week doing service! it was such a great week too! there were only seven kids at the camp. it was a small group, but we had a ton of fun! the first day, we stayed at the teen center and made blankets for the homeless. it was going to be a disaster because we only had two pairs of scissors (of course, i don't know if you can call them scissors if they don't actually cut anything) but then, we found two more and made a million blankets! over the next couple of days we went to the food bank of contra costa and sorted food, books for the barrios and packed boxes of books to send the the phillipines, and then finally to the don edwards wildlife refuge to pick up trash.

at books for the barrios! we packed so many boxes!

rico and conrad picking up trash!

the gang!

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