Friday, February 8, 2008

salsa chocolate!

on thursday i went to salsa chocolate to get my salsa on! i think about not knowing how to salsa until i actually walked onto the dance floor. it was a sad realization, and i thought that the night was going to be a waste since i was just going to be standing around all night watching other people who know how to dance. but, i didn't even have to wait for the song to be over before i found my teacher! this really good salsa dancer taught me some basics and then i was off! the whole night was a blast! i'm still not very good at all, but at least i can move!
my favorite part of the night was watching this gay couple dance together. they were so good! i couldn't even believe it! and i loved the short one's shoes!
my other favorite part of the night was natalie being asked by all these old men to dance. it was pretty hilarious!

1 comment:

natalie said...

yeah it was fun... I'm going to have to do something different about the way I look though-- I've danced with enough old men to last me a few more years.

lets go back in a few weeks!!