Wednesday, February 20, 2008

chris williams

our dear friend chris williams went into the mtc today!
so, here are ten reasons why i love chris.
(they are incredibly random, don't judge.)

1. he loves kanye west
2. he has chubby cheeks!
3. he says "get off my back" a lot and it makes me laugh
4. he's going to new zealand!
5. he gave me a goodbye hand shake
6. he was employee of the month at the canc!
7. he touches his nose all the time
8. refers to me and brittney as "you guys" forever and always
9. he dropped me swing dancing the first time we met
10. why not?

feel free to comment and add your own reasons!

brittney, andrew, chris, alli (w/blue jacket), natalie

1 comment:

natalie said...

Aw Chris... I'm going to miss him. He is such a nice guy :p